Tuesday 12th November, with Little Giants

On Tuesday 12th October the children who are in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade of the 3rd Elementary School of Perama will had the chance to watch the theatrical performance “Snow White” directed by Ilias Karellas.





Tsokas Coaches will provide the children with free transportation from their school to Trianon Theater and back. The performance is offered free of charge by Karellas children’s plays.

As always, a sweet surprise from La Mimada del Barrio was there for the children.

The children will not pay any money but in order for them to understand the importance of art and realise that watching the performance is their choice, they will be asked to give something. So the children can “pay” for the performance they enjoyed by giving a painting, a candy, a button or anything else they can think of.

We have asked the teachers to have a classroom discussion with the children. The children will talk about what they saw and then they will create something based on the performance and the feelings they had after watching it!

We would like to thank the Parents Association of the school for the organisation of this event and for its excellent cooperation.

Trianon Theater
Kodrigtonos 21(Patision 101 – Subway Station Victoria)
Information – Bookings 210 7777104 & 210 7777124