Stavros Xarhakos
Stavros Xarhakos is a Greek composer.

He was born (March 14th, 1939) and raised in Athens and is considered one of the greatest contemporary Greek composers. He studied at the Athens Conservatoire, after that in Paris and then at the Julliard School of Music in New York. He has written songs for over 42 records and has created music for 21 films and 15 TV productions. He has also composed music for ancient tragedies, dramas and international ballets.

Early in his career, he composes music mainly for theatrical and film productions, standing out as a theatre and cinema composer. His first great success is his music for the 1963 film “Kokkina Fanaria” by Vassilis Georgiadis.

Songs, like “ Aponi Zoi”, “Ftohologia” and “Parapono” also became big hits and were the first songs written by Lefteris Papadopoulos. His debut album, included the songs “ Savvatovrado stin Kaisariani”, “Vale ki allo piato sto trapezi”, which all became great hits and were all written by Lefteris Papadopoulos. By the end of 1960s, he focused on classical music and so his works included ballet suites, concertos and symphonic works. One of his most significant and successful works is the award winning “ To Rempetiko “ (1983), which was music for the film by the same name directed by Kostas Ferris. Stavros Xarhakos is also considered a great arranger, with the record “Erimia” by Mikis Theodorakis and Lefteris Papadopoulos, being his most recent arranging work.

He has received numerous awards in various Film and Music Festivals, like The International Cinema Film Festival. In May 1994, the New York Adelphi University honoured him as Doctor of Fine Arts. In 1995 he became the artistic director of the “National Orchestra of Greek Music” (KOEM).

He served as a Municipal Councillor for the Municipality of Athens and later as a Deputy Mayor of Cultural Affairs. He was also a member of the Greek Parliament, but quite soon he resigned. Finally, he was a member of the European Parliament at the period 2000 – 2004.
George Kontogiorgis

Professor George Kontogiorgis was born in Nydri, Lefkada, 1947.

He studied Law at the University of Athens and Political Science in Paris, where he became a Doctor (Doctorat d’ Etat). He was Rector of Panteion University, director of Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique – (CNRS) of France, for many years he was visiting professor in the Institute of Political Science (IEP) of Paris, titular of the Francqui chair of the Free University of Brussels, member of the Research Council at the European University Institute of Florence, expert on university issues of the European Union, founder member of the European Network of Political Science (EPSNET) and the Hellenic Political Science Association.

He has been visiting professor in many universities abroad, while his works have been published in various countries. He is member of the Scientific Council and a Professor in European Studies at Siena University and Correspondent Academician of the International Academy of Portuguese Culture.


Costas Varotsos
Costas Varotsos was born in Athens in 1955. He studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti,
in Rome and at the Universita di Pescara, Architecture. During 1990 -1991 he receives the Fulbright Institute scholarship and continues his studies in New York.

He lives and works in Athens. He has performed more than 20 solo exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus and Italy and he has participated in more than 50 group exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium and Germany.

In 1987, he and other Greek artists represented Greece at the Sao Paulo Biennale and participated in two consecutive Venice Biennale (1993 and 1995) during parallel exhibitions of the central organisation. In 1999, he represented Greece (along with two young artists, D. Stratou and E. Tsadilla) at the Venice Biennale. He is a professor of Visual Arts at the University of Thessaloniki.